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Things I dislike (and other people think I’m crazy for it): Tom Cruise

I turned thirteen in 1987, a year after Top Gun was released.  The only other movie I'd seen with Tom Cruise was The Outsiders, and I watched it mainly because I'd read the book first ("Stay gold, Ponyboy.")

I didn't see Top Gun in the theater, but we rented it for my birthday party.  While some of my friends were making googley eyes at Tom Cruise, I was unimpressed.  I didn't care for Maverick and really wanted Iceman to beat him senseless.

Something about Cruise just rubs me the wrong way.  Part of it is that smug or cocky men really bother me.  I know he's an actor, but it seems like every time he has a new movie coming out, something is written about him that only reinforces my image of him as smug.

And then there was the incident in 2005 when he publicly criticized Brook Shields for taking anti-depressants for postpartum depression.  And then he criticized all people who are on anti-depressants for anything, as if we are weak for being mentally ill.  He put his own beliefs ahead of science and medicine.  And yes, he apologized to Ms. Shields, but have his beliefs about mental illness changed?  Since his beliefs are based on his religion, my guess is that they haven't.

I could be very wrong.  But smug men who think they know about women's health better than women don't generally change much in that respect.

Needless to say, I'm not a fan.

2 thoughts on “Things I dislike (and other people think I’m crazy for it): Tom Cruise

  1. Bethany Mueller

    Dan makes fun of him whenever he sees him. I have no respect for him. He's a dork. And I'm being generous with that description!


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