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Things I dislike (and other people think I’m crazy for it): chicken

Actual conversation I had with my best friends Holly and Carolina yesterday:

Me: Mmmm, vegetarian chicken noodle soup.

Carolina: that can't be vegetarian. how is that vegetarian?

Holly: yeah....methinks there's something wrong with that title


C: then not chicken soup. soy soup, or whatever those are made out of

Me: It's not soy.

C: it's also not chicken

Me:  It's delicious and you're just jealous

C: no.  i like chicken in my chicken soup

Me: Well real chicken is gross.

C: no. i disagree

Me: Well, you're allowed to do so. I mean you're WRONG, but you can disagree.  😉

C: ::snort:: i still think you need a different title for your soup. it's not chicken.

Me: It's vegetarian chicken.  I said that! 😛

H: vegetarian chicken is an oxymoron

C:  chicken cannot be vegetarian. you need a different name.

So I'm sure you're asking yourself, as many people have asked me over the years, "How do you not like chicken?"

I'm a germaphobe and take food safety to a ridiculously unnecessary extreme.  I'm the person who throws the milk and the yogurt out the day after the sell-by date.  I haven't eaten raw cookie dough in years if it contains eggs.  Leftovers get tossed after day four (and until recently, it was day three).  Raw chicken is teeming with bacteria and it's wet and slimy and disgusting.  When I still ate chicken, my silliness reached a point that I made Jeff cook the chicken, and then I would ask him at least once if the chicken was really done.  Finally I just quit eating it (I think we're all happier that way).

Chicken doesn't really taste all that good.  The white meat is bland and no matter how it's cooked, it's usually dry.  The dark meat doesn't have much more flavor than the white meat.

I'll take my vegetarian chicken any day, thanks.

What something you don't like that other people think you're crazy for disliking?

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