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There’s 104 days of summer vacation, but not all kids are Phineas and Ferb

Yesterday was Memorial Day.  It was also, technically, Day 3 of Liam's summer vacation, though he insisted it was only DAY 1! because the previous two days were the weekend.

The past three days, Liam has told me he's bored more times than I can count.  There are 101 more days of summer vacation, and I'm really starting to dread them.

Are you familiar with Phineas and Ferb?  If not, the theme song to this (TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!) Disney cartoon will introduce you to the general plot:

Here are the lyrics in case you need them:

There's 104 days of summer vacation
And school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for our generation
Is finding a good way to spend it

Like maybe...
Building a rocket
Or fighting a mummy
Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower

Discovering something that doesn't exist (Hey!)
Or giving a monkey a shower

Surfing tidal waves
Creating nanobots
Or locating Frankenstein's brain (It's over here!)

Finding a dodo bird
Painting a continent
Or driving your sister insane (Phineas!)

As you can see
There's a whole lot of stuff to do
Before school starts this fall (Come on Perry)

So stick with us 'cause Phineas and Ferb
Are gonna do it all
So stick with us 'cause Phineas and Ferb are
Gonna do it all!
(Mom! Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!!)

The problem is that most kids aren't Phineas and Ferb.  I wasn't, and I was a kid in the land before time (AKA no internet.  My GOD, what did we DO before then?!).  Even so, I managed to keep myself contentedly relaxed and bored by entertaining myself.

Do kids not entertain themselves anymore, or is it just my kid?

Last night, Liam and Jeff went for a hike with the Boy Scouts, and I had three hours all to myself. Most of which I spent on Pinterest  frantically looking at ways to keep a pre-teen busy during summer vacation.  Judging by the lists I saw on Pinterest, my kid isn't the only one who doesn't entertain himself when faced with NO SCREEN TIME. (Gasp!  What kind of mother AM I?!?!?)

The good news is that I have a tentative plan now from last night's research, one that doesn't include me being Head of Liam's Personal Entertainment Committee.  (I know, I know, I should have been thinking about this long before last night, but I didn't wait until the middle of July.  Point to me.)  I'm thinking: library once a week; reading time every day from all of the books he checked out; swimming (maybe every week); working on his blog (maybe book reviews of all the books he's reading?); filling up the Netflix queue with some good movies for a quiet afternoon; STEM apps on the iPad; begin to learn a new language on Duolingo; and other possibilities. (as you can see there's a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this fall....)

Now you tell me:  what do you do to not be your child(ren)'s personal entertainment committee during the summer?

As an added bonus, here is the extended version of the Phineas and Ferb theme song.  Because it's fun.



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