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The other Stephanie Moulton.

Funny story:

Two or three year ago, I started getting email about meetings from people I didn't know.  Then I would get the occasional email from a college in Ontario about registering for classes or something.  I also received emails from an animal shelter in Ottowa or Toronto.

I'd usually just delete these emails, figuring that there was another Stephanie Moulton in Ontario who wasn't receiving some of her email, hopefully because someone else had entered her email incorrectly in their database (And not because she got her own email address wrong.  Or had given out a bogus address because she didn't want to give out her real email.).

I get these random emails three or four times a year and just delete them, feeling somewhat bad for this other Stephanie Moulton because she's not getting some of her emails, about half of which could be kind of important.  (Reminders about meetings?  Class work for group projects?  Yeah, kind of important.)

I haven't received too many of these emails in 2017, but they all come from places in Ontario.  So when I got an email from an esthetics salon in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't surprised:

Skip to last Sunday (July 16).  I hadn't been online for a few hours, so I opened my computer to check my email, and had two new emails:

My first reaction: "What's POF?"  I opened the email about registration details:

Sunday was two days before our wedding anniversary.  Jeff was sitting at the dining room table, and I had an email open about registration details for a dating site.  My first response was, "Shit!  Delete delete delete!"

Once my heart stopped racing, I thought, "I really should unsubscribe to these emails."  I opened the second email informing the other Stephanie that someone was interested in her, scrolled to the unsubscribe link at the bottom, and clicked it, hoping to unsubscribe so that this little issue was remedied.  Once at the POF site, I looked at the screen and discovered I needed a password to unsubscribe.


At that point I thought, "I really don't want all of these POF emails coming to my inbox, how can I fix this?  (thinks about it for a few minutes) Ah!  Gmail spam filter!"  So I set up the spam filter to send all of the emails to the trash and patted myself on the back.

While I did that, about seven more emails from POF got to my inbox.  I trashed those and went about surfing Facebook.  Two hours later, my inbox was POF free.  Out of curiosity, I checked my trash to see if any more emails had been caught by the spam filter, and discovered that the other Stephanie had twenty new emails from POF.  I was really hoping that these guys writing to her were nice and not sending inappropriate pictures to her POF inbox.

Occasionally, gmail will send an important email straight to my trash, so I check my trash a couple of times a week.  I checked my trash Tuesday (July 18) afternoon:

One hundred messages.  Oh, there are more:

Another thirty eight messages.  As of 3:30 a.m. Wednesday (July 19) morning, the other Stephanie has received 138 messages from POF about guys who have contacted her.

I decided to try tracking down the other Stephanie Moulton.  Of course my first stop was Facebook, and I found one young woman with that name in Ontario.  I have yet to receive a reply.  I hope I hear from her soon.  As amusing as it is to be receiving emails from a dating site, I'd really like them to stop.

So, um, what would you do in this situation?  Comment below!  The more entertaining, the better.




1 thought on “The other Stephanie Moulton.

  1. Clara Meredith

    I'd do the same thing that you're doing, try to locate her and let her know. At least you know that there is another Stephanie out there. I am also getting emails from POF, I never signed up and have tried to get off their list and have failed at that as well. I'm in a pattern of deleting them as they come but now I'll mark them as spam and be done with it all.


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