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That blog post where I explain mental whiplash

I've started other blogs in the past few years.  I get really excited about starting one, post several times in the first few months, slow down, don't post at all for a year (or two), then get inspired to post again and do so for a while, eventually slowing down and posting sporadically.  I think I've decided that my problem isn't the writing itself but that the blogs I've had in the past have too narrow a focus.  I still have three that I post to occasionally: Flood started as an environmental blog, written through the lens of Christianity, and while it stayed mostly environmental, it also has lots of social justice posts and some touches of politics.  Which is fine, because when talking about environmental issues you really can't treat them as stand-alone issues; environmental problems are political, social, religious, spiritual, etc. issues too.

But then I found myself wanting to rant more and more about politics.  Up until about five weeks ago, I worked for the Illinois General Assembly.  Over the eight years I was there, I became somewhat acquainted with the governmental struggles the State of Illinois continues to not resolve.  I saw some of those same issues at the federal level.  I really have very little good to say about politics and politicians (with a few exceptions), but I didn't think posting my political rants on my environmental blog would be good for Flood.  So Revolution was born.

Right after I started Flood, I decided I wanted a place to talk about lighthearted stuff.  It was 2007, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had just been released, and I wanted a place to talk about my Harry Potter obsession.  canary creams and foolish wand waving became that place.

As you can imagine, having three live blogs can either keep you really busy or overwhelm you to the point of not posting at all.  I'll give you a few seconds to think about which direction I've gone.

So.  Here I am.  Starting another blog.  What will be different about this one?


I've decided that rather than having a narrow focus, I'm going to be a generalist.  Many of the blogging gurus out there advise against doing so because writers should pick a niche and stick with it.  Writers should write about what they know and what they enjoy.

I 1. know I have opinions about anything and everything and 2. enjoy sharing my opinions.  Are opinions my niche?  Maybe, maybe not.  I haven't decided yet.  I'm well-trained in literary analysis, so my opinions are usually well-supported with citations.  But maybe what's more important is that I like to write about what I like to write about.  One day I'll write about an environmental issue (that was the focus of my Master's degree, and I'm not shy about talking about that), the next day a political rant, the day after that something fun like Harry Potter.

But I want to write about my unrepentant love for Harry Potter and Doctor Who fan fiction; how I don't read comic books (unless it's Calvin and Hobbes) but have really gotten into the Marvel and DC universes via film and tv; my obsession with 80s music; soup recipes I've made up; pictures of bread in my bread machine; gluten free recipes that actually work; why I quit eating food that makes me feel like crap; my husband and son; my parents; my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew; my brother who died much too young in 2015 from colon cancer; depression and anxiety; homelessness and hunger; non-Christian faith systems; being an introvert; probably countless other ideas, issues, and opinions; and my own faith (Christianity).

And quite possibly, how this bad vegetarian sometimes eats corned beef.

If nothing else, you'll get mental whiplash and have someone to laugh at.  I do enjoy a good laugh, sometimes even at my own expense.

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