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Sometimes I do really expensive stupid things

So Saturday night, my USB thumb drive, which I've had for about six months, quit working.  My computer doesn't even register that the drive is plugged in.

It has all of my writing on it.

Yes, I have back-ups of some of it on my computer, but not all of it.  Including a story that's almost at 15,000 words.

It's my own fault.  I had it plugged in to my computer when I let the computer battery completely discharge a couple of times.  Apparently, that's a big no-no.


So today, I'll be venturing out to our local computer repair place to see if they can recover the files on there and get them saved to something else.

This is a very expensive mistake to make, people.  Don't be like me.

On a related note, what methods do y'all use to store your files?  Assuming you have more than one storage method, what are they?  I'm hesitant to store everything in the cloud, but I know that that might be the safest and most convenient place for storage.  What are the chances of your files getting wiped out in the cloud because of stupidity?

Suggestions are welcome.  Telling me what an idiot I am isn't.  I've been doing that for thirty-six hours, so that's covered.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I do really expensive stupid things

  1. Greg

    I use Dropbox, which is cloud, but free and allows you to go back to previous versions of files. Plus it allows you have your files on multiple devices, available everywhere with the current version.


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