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Really expensive stupid things, part two

I know y'all have been waiting at your computers for two days for an update.  ::snicker:::

Thanks to the good people at Micropower, most of the files on my flash drive were retrieved.  I was especially relieved to see that the 15,000+ word story I'd been writing was completely intact, because there were some files that just didn't transfer over the the new flash drive.  Fortunately for me, I was saved a major meltdown and lots of work because I had copies of all of those files on my computer.


So what have we learned, ladies and gentlemen:

  1.  Take good care of your things; and
  2. Have more than one backup of all your computer files.

I think once I get this new flash drive organized today, I'm going to store all my files in Google Drive too.  I don't know that my brain could take this kind of stress again.  Technology is great when it works, but sometimes it's finicky.

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