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Boxed water is better?


Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I came across boxed water in the grocery store.  And it says it's better.  I can only assume it means it's better than water in plastic bottles.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?  I hope so.

Here's what the other side of the box says:

How do these things make boxed water better?
How do these things make boxed water better?
  1. Only 75% of the box is made of paper (trees).  So what's the other 25% made of?  Probably plastic.  From the texture of the box, I could tell for sure that the outside has a plastic coating it, and the inside may too.  If the point of boxed water is to eliminate the need for plastic bottles, then coating the paper box with plastic defeats that purpose.
  2. The trees used to make the boxes are from certified, well-managed forests.  That sounds great.  However, there is still a lot of paper going to landfills each year, which defeats the purpose of well-managed forests.  And why use virgin resources (trees) when we have recycled paper that could be used to make these boxes?
  3. They ship their boxes flat to the filler.  Yes, it makes it more efficient because they can ship more boxes to the filler with fewer trips, and that reduces their use of fossil fuels in shipping (compared to shipping empty plastic or glass bottles).  However, those boxes will then be filled with water and shipped out from that company, which still uses fossil fuels during the shipping process.
  4. The boxes are recyclable where facilities exist.  I live in a town of 100,000 people, and we don't have the recycling facilities that allow us to recycle plastic-coated paper boxes.  If you live in a smaller town, or even a city that also won't allow recycling of these types of containers, your water boxes probably have to go into the landfill.  And then what's the point?

So really, boxed water is only marginally better than water in plastic bottles.  By marginally, I mean don't bother.  If you're won't buy bottled water, then avoid this too.

What's better than bottles water and boxed water?  Reusable water bottles.  In a few days, I'll post a review of several types of reusable water bottles which really are better for the environment (and you wallet).

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