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Blogs I Love: Square No More, Phil Wyman

Since I don't know many people in real life that blog, I'm now moving on to bloggers who I've only "met" online.

OK, let me see if I can remember this correctly:

Way back in 2007, I was a member of a (now defunct) youth ministry forum message board.  I only remember that this was before I joined Facebook because I didn't start with that nonsense until the beginning of 2008 in my second semester of grad school.  I mention this specifically because it seems like nowadays, Facebook is the great referrer.  What in the world did we do before Facebook?  Message boards, of course, and we got recommendations and referrals from those boards.

One of the members of that message board told us about a synchroblog he'd heard of or been in.  If you're not familiar with a synchroblog, it's where a bunch of bloggers write posts on a specific topic (like pizza, Australia, or world peace), publish those posts on the same day, and link to the other bloggers' posts  at the end of their blog posts.

I visited the blog the other forum member had linked to because the topic sounded interesting, and then I read many of the other posts in the synchroblog.  One of the writers for that month was Phil Wyman and his Square No More blog.  At that time, Phil was one of the synchroblog's coordinators too.

Phil Wyman is the pastor of The Gathering in Salem, Massachusetts, a small, interdenominational church he founded several years ago after leaving the Four Square Church.  He writes at Square No More and at Phil Wyman about God, Jesus, loving our neighbors, and being missional.

So if you want to know what it's like to minister to people in Salem during October of each year, Phil has some good stories.  If you want to know what it's like to minister to people at Burning Man, read on.  Square No More isn't about increasing the divide between Christians and non-Christians; instead, it's about being the hands and feet of Jesus to people who need a hug on a chilly October day or giving a cup of water to someone in the middle of the Nevada desert.

As a Christian, my beliefs and actions are challenged by Square No More, and I am a better person and Christian for it.  So please go visit Square No More!



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