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Blogs I Love: Artist/Adventurer, Anna Metcalf

My blog is probably not the only one you read, or at least I hope it isn't.  There are blogs out there for everyone: if you want to read about it, someone is probably writing about it, whatever that "it" might be.

I have several blogs that I read too, and I thought it might be cool to showcase some of the blogs I really enjoy and promote their authors.

So this month, I'm promoting the blog of someone I know in real life.  Anna and I met when we were children in the same little town in central Illinois, and we have been friends ever since.  Since then, she has moved around a lot, hence the Adventurer.  Anna made her home base in Venice, CA until about the middle of last year, and since then, she and her husband Matt have traveled all over on an extended vacation.  How cool is that?

But Anna is also a writer, and an extremely talented one at that.  She is a storyteller too, and shares her stories on stages all across the US.  She has published one book so far, and is hard at work on her memoir, which is going to be quite a bit of fun to read. (She gave me a preview last year.  Be jealous.)

So go read Anna Metcalf: Artist/Adventurer!  Leave some encouraging comments, tell her how cool she is, and have fun.

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