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About and Contact


Welcome to my site.  I'm Stephanie Moulton, a freelance writer and researcher for hire.  I'm always looking for new clients, so don't hesitate to send my an inquiry.  I work with private or business clients; if you need something researched or written, I can help.

I have over seven years of professional writing and research experience plus a Bachelor of Arts in English (with an unofficial minor in creative writing) and a Master of Arts in Environmental Writing.  My specialties are fiction, literary analysis, feature writing focusing on a slew of environmental and social justice issues, and blogging.  I love research because it allows me to learn something new every day and I love writing because I get to show you via the written word what I think and how I feel.

Please take a look at my Services page to see a list of services and how much I charge for each. I also invite you to look at my Portfolio to get a feel for what I've worked on and read some writing samples.

To contact me, send me an email at or submit your information in the contact form below.